The ROM SAF RO data

The ROM SAF Climate Data Record v1.0 (CDR v1) consist of RO data that has been reprocessed by the ROM SAF.

The CDR includes data from four RO satellite missions: CHAMP (Sep 2001 – Sep 2008), COSMIC (July 2006 – Dec 2016), Metop (Oct 2006 – Dec 2016) and GRACE (Mar 2007 – Dec 2016). For the CDR based on Metop data there is an associated Interim CDR (ICDR) that extends the CDR time series. In order to include the ozone depletion season over the Antarctica the ROM SAF Near Real Time (NRT) data based on Metop data since August 2020 has been included. The quality of the NRT data is in general comparable to the CDR and ICDR data. The profiles are averaged from the original ~200m altitude resolution to profiles with 1 km altitude steps.


In this study the focus has been on the "ozone depletion season", January-April in the Arctic (>50N) and August-December over the Antarctic area (<-50S).


The total number of profiles for each year is shown below. Notice that the small number of profiles before year 2006 implies that the results from 2001-2005 should be treated with caution.

Total number of profiles